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About Us

MANEL is an innovative production company dealing with design, development and implementation of technologies in the sphere of microarc oxidation.

The company was established on April, 15th 2010 in the framework of a partner agreement between Tomsk State University, «EleSy» and state corporation RUSNANO.

This company is actively developing the production of high-technological equipment for creation of porous nanostructural non-metal non-organic coatings that are formed by microarc oxidation. The method, which this project is based on, is new not only in Russia – it takes leading positions in world progress of the branch. Change of technology from anodization and galvanization  to microarc oxidation allows to bring a product to a new level and to create high-technological materials meeting the needs of today market.

The basic innovations of MANEL, which have led microarc oxidation to a new level of quality and application, are the development and creation of specialized power sources as well as the selection of electrolyte components.

Today the company is specialized in the production of MAO processing lines for different industries and offering its services in coating. All this became possible only after fundamental research of physical-chemical laws of formation and application of oxide coatings, development of measuring methods of impulse microarc processes and techniques of surface modification with the purpose of adding functional features.