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About MAO method

Microarc oxidation (MAO) is such a method when a high-density current flows through the metal-electrolyte interface and there appear conditions, when microplasma discharges with high local temperatures and pressures appear on metal surface. As a result, a coating layer, consisting of oxidized forms of the elements of the base metal and electrolyte components, is formed. Depending on the mode of microarc oxidation and electrolyte composition it is possible to produce ceramic coatings with unique characteristics and a wide spectrum of application.

 It takes much less production steps when microarc oxidation method is used than when you use traditional anodization or galvanization due to the absence of some preparational steps and ecological safety of used solutions. Using this method you do not need to specially prepare the surface before coating.

First step – mounting the parts to the suspension of the manipulator.

Second step – forming of nunostructural coating.

Third step – washing.

Forth step – unloading of ready product.

Coatings, made by microarc oxidation, are porous ceramic coatings of complex composition, produced as a result of oxidation of metal surface and invasion of electrolyte elements in the coating. Nanostructural non-metal coatings have a wide range of industrially important features: wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, low dielectric capacity, certain light-reflecting and light-absorbing features.

These coatings are successfully used as wear-resistant in different units and assemblies of machines and mechanisms. They can obtain hardness up to 21 hPa and perfect adhesion with treated metal surface. Hardening of treated metal surface gives the opportunity to replace expensive parts of non-corrosive steel, brass and bronze with cheaper aluminium ones. It is also important that aluminium is much easier to treat before coating than hard alloys that are traditionally used in production of wear-resistant parts.

Special achievement of the company is coatings resistant to atmospheric conditions and corrosive environment (chemically aggressive solutions, acid and alkali vapors, sea water). Moreover, all the coatings are highly resistant to thermal and thermo-cyclic stresses and can work at temperature up to 600 C. Actually, thermal resistance of coating is limited only by melting temperature of the part’s metal.  

Dielectric features of coating depend on its thickness and application of infiltration of pores with different materials. Average voltage when coating is punctured is 600V. With filled pores – up to 2500V.

If necessary, coatings can have different light-reflecting and light-absorbing features. Reflecting capacity of MAO coatings reaches 80%. There are working methods of putting some basic colors: white, black, brown, grey, green and their tones.

Advantages of MAO coatings

Coatings produced with microarc oxidation method are ultrahard and resistant to various exposures. These coatings have perfect adhesion with surface of treated metal due to an intermediate layer between metal and coating.

Depending on purpose and future operational conditions of parts this method can produce coatings with thickness from fractions to hundreds micrometers that have several features in complex.

It is also possible to treat complex parts due to high dissipating ability of electrolyte and to form different coatings on one material.