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Opening of the exhibition RUSNANOTECH 2010

01/11/2010 - In “Expocenter”, Moscow, the international exhibition RUSNANOTECH 2010 in the frameworks of III international forum RUSNANOTECH 2010 was opened.

The Head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais and Deputy Prime Minister of RF Sergey Ivanov visited the opening of the exhibition.

MANEL’s booth was opened by the chairman of MANEL board of directors, CEO of “EleSy” Sergey Chirikov and a member of the board of directors, scientific consultant of MANEL, professor Anatoly Mamaev.

It has become the first event of such a scale for MANEL. In the course of the exhibition our company represented our achievements in creation of nanostructural coatings, formed by means of microarc oxidation technology. MANEL booth was very popular with both representatives from industry and scientific circles of Russia.

As for foreign guests, some foreign companies paid much attention to technological solutions and equipment of MANEL. Among them:

-          representatives of industrial association from Taiwan (automobile industry and industrial electronics);

-          Italian shipbuilders;

-          Indian businessmen (aircraft building, automobile industry and electronics).

The first day of our work at the exhibition resulted in a number of cooperation agreements concerning design and supply of technological equipment for producing nanostructural coating by MAO.