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MANEL product is processing lines for formation of non-metal non-organic coatings on surface of valve metals and their alloys (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, zirconium). The lines are produced by means of industrial method using high-technological equipment.

Processing line consists of the following functional elements:

  • Power equipment – specialized power sources;
  • Bathes for surface preparation, treatment and washing of parts;
  • Manipulator to move a suspension with parts;
  • Hardware for placing bathes and manipulator;
  • Additional equipment: filters, equipment for preparation and cleaning of water.

The company produces manually operated, semiautomatic and automatic lines. Manually operated lines are used for treatment of small lots of small parts and for tests. Semiautomatic and automatic lines are used when a production plan is more than 6 000 m2 of coating a year, for processing of large or heavy parts.

Operation of MAO processing line is similar to anodization process. Current impulses of certain configuration goes from power sources to terminals of bath. A treated part acts as anode, bath and additional electrodes, usually made of noncorrosive steel, work as cathode.

Advantages of MANEL processing lines opposing to the equipment for anodization and galvanization are the following:

  • less preparation of metal surface before coating;
  • high efficiency;
  • low energy consumption;
  • reasonable capital expenditures;
  • eco friendly production;
  • availability of reagents and other expendables.

MANEL supplies MAO processing lines in complex: from design of line to commissioning at customer’s place, optimizes the method to meet certain production tasks, carries out guarantee maintenance of supplied equipment.


Besides, MANEL renders services of putting coatings on customer’s part lots. This service saves customer’s time and money, and in case of small or single order it is the only possible variant.

Preparation time is minimal. It takes MANEL less then one month to treat and test samples, find out parameters of parts’ treatment, get the necessary equipment ready and start production.


Working out of design documentation

Supplying the equipment for microarc oxidation, MANEL accompanies it with necessary documentation. Moreover, the company offers working out of additional documentation for loading-unloading equipment (suspensions, manipulators) and other necessary mechanisms.

Power sources design

MANEL designs power sources for implementation of customer’s individual tasks – formation of multipurpose coatings for different use on large and small parts with complex geometry made of aluminium, titanium, magnesium, zirconium alloys.


MANEL also implements microarc oxidation method. Our specialists carry out pre-design investigation of process platforms, planning and design works. They calculate payback period, production costs and then make reports on market research and comparative analysis of different methods. Besides, if necessary, we can organize cooperative planning works and training of customer’s staff.


MANEL is constantly improving its knowledge in the sphere of nanostructural non-metal coatings and conducting scientific research and development works. As a result, our specialists are ready to take part in customer’s programs on creation of new product and equipment from the very beginning.